Area Science Park

The planning and construction of the Area di Ricerca (Area Science Park) started in the 1980’s and took first form with the creation of some office and laboratory buildings, then via the detailed plan for the definitive seat of the Area Science Park with all the activities - also extra-professional and social - associated with a science park. On the commission of Svei S.p.a. the general master-plan was drafted, initially for the completion of the first nucleus, for a total of 6 hectares, and then for the definitive development extending over 10 hectares. In this context planimetric and volumetric elements were planned with particular attention to: the building typologies (to the environmental characteristics of the Triestine karst buildings); the functions the single buildings had to comply with; and the complex regulations under the building-urbanistics profile as well as the environmental regulations, and also in terms of inserting this into the ethnic (Slovenian minority) context of the sites. Currently the first nucleus has been competed, with buildings containing laboratories, offices etc.. In this context (after a public tender) the definitive and executive project of the building destined for the restaurant - cafeteria was prepared, a building created and characterized with a semi-fan plan, with predominantly glassed walls for greater appreciation of the green surroundings and with a “double-wave” cover.