illycaffè works

The professional friendship formed with illycaffè has given us the opportunity to contribute to the development of the industrial site of the Trieste Company, extending over the last 20 years under the strength of the company’s global market expansion together with its deep-rooted relationship with its city of origin. Our offices have coordinated complex multidisciplinary projects basing them on integration with the company profile in-line with its aesthetic sensitivity, with responsibilities covering technical-propositional, technological and organizational ability, designing a work system in harmony with the company participants to create works in a coherent, considered and planned way, through the attention to detail and planning building activities. This experience is formed through feasibility studies for the strategic views, executive projects, architectural and structural constructions in keeping with the production needs considering the health and well-being of the employees and the ergonomics of the sites. Regional urban insertion studies and environmental impact studies, building and surveying consulting, also definition of internal spaces and furnishing. Each single project is followed in its complete graphic and approval procedure with project management activity, from the first drafting to the executive stages equipped with all the technological specifications and details needed at the construction stage, including direction of works, measuring and accounting, procedures authorized at state concession level and other competent bodies, topographic surveying and mapping, uninterrupted support in the administrative management and maintenance of the property portfolio, and support in the management of tenders. In response to the various international quality standards the company annually complies to, each individual project was completed with all the necessary certification, inspections and statements of regulatory and administrative correspondence. The main aim of this activity is the innovative vision and integrated planning which has developed over the years, especially over the last decade when the company has consolidated a notable property expansion raising the quality of all the company spaces to a high level. The engineering services provided have, over the years, developed a specialist knowledge of how to assure certainty in the results in the specific parts and in the constant search for development and innovation: roasting production, entry/exit management of the product, production departments, direction and director spaces, quality laboratories, special installations for energy saving, silos, reservoirs/tanks, technical rooms and their adjustment to new needs, definition of external spaces in respect to accessibility and differentiation of the transit in their nodal hubs, and respect for the environment.