Generali Group

The professional relationship with Generali Insurance Group started a decade ago. Since then, a number of projects have been carried out on behalf of the insurance group. Commissions mainly involved development projects of important and varied real estate properties belonging to the group. These projects include: the refurbishment of various buildings and construction of over 150 social housing apartments; the new head offices of the Motorizzazione Civile of the Trieste Provincial Council; the renovation and reuse of the old Roetl workshops in Trieste; the renovation of cinema Excelsior and a 1000 sq. m gymnasium; and the refurbishment of the multistory department store in Viale XX Settembre, Trieste. In all of these projects, from the preliminary phases, we worked together with the Generali technical department to assess new uses for the best investment turnover (properties had to be rented or to be sold), while complying with all laws and regulations and being economically sustainable in terms of structure, architecture and regarding the installations. Furthermore, our offices drew up the detailed designs for these projects and, where works were carried out directly by Generali, our office supervised works and coordinated health and safety on construction sites, providing Generali with budget and delivery time guarantees. Of a different nature, the most delicate and compelling project we have worked on for Generali was undoubtedly the construction of the nursery school for their head office in Trieste. The project, presented in these pictures, is the result of research for the best educational path and the use of the best building technologies to ensure that the young guests of the nursery school receive the best and most natural environment in which to grow. For these reasons, each detail has been carefully studied and designed: from LED lighting, to heating and cooling systems, to the materials, selected from the most natural to guarantee the maximum level of comfort.