Main Manifold SIOT

The adjustment policy of T.A.L.-S.I.O.T. S.p.a. to the new safety and environmental protection standards was implemented through the development plan. This includes the works of improvement to the Main Manifold of the crude oil flow control which runs from the port of Trieste to the reservoirs park in San Dorligo della Valle and then via the Transalpine pipeline to South Germany. The Main Manifold involves an area equal to 100x50 m, it contains 125 valves in a grid formation linked to a pipe system whose lowest depth is 4.5 m underground. The planned and directed works foresaw the excavation of particularly difficult terrain for the ground works of the area, while maintaining the functioning of the plant. In 14 distinct stages, the new foundations of the pipes and valve and the containment tank were created.
All works were carried out according to the ATEX directives for environments with an explosive atmosphere.
The particular characteristics of the site, with the presence of groundwater, together with pressure coming from the deformation of the pipes, meant that special techniques had to be employed to waterproof the concrete tank. A precise mix for the concrete preparation (specific mix design project) and careful planning of the reinforcing to prevent cracks.
The need to keep the plant working during all the stages of digging and creation of the waterproof plate were of particular complexity. Temporary structures were designed and placed which necessitated the fixing of 600 micropiles. To connect the anchoring to the existing tube-complex a strict welding protocol was defined.