Gaslini Area

The Gaslini area corresponds to the old industrial plant founded in the 1930’s by Senator Gerolamo Gaslini. The complex, which covers 50000 sq. m, is located within the port area of Trieste at the level of the large shopping area in Via Svevo. The plant was built by an oil refinery and was made up of 11 buildings, many were of notable historical and architectural value, as well as the reservoirs, railway points and varies other external features. Factory activity continued until 1980’s, only in the last decade has the complex been subject to radical renovation and regeneration. Starting with the abandoned buildings, a complete plan was drawn up relating to the restauration of all the urbanization elements (roads, complex entrances, rainwater drainage system, conduits for electrical, electronic, telecommunication, hydro and fire-prevention hydric use) and new uses for the individual buildings was identified. The detailed planning followed this master-plan. According to the characteristics of the individual buildings, a flexible planning approach was adopted foreseeing the restauration of some buildings and the renovation of others with partial demolition and rebuilding. Once the project plan was defined, the time plan was drawn up for the works together with the owners of the area, the Fondazione Gaslini. The idea of dividing the works into functional bundles necessitated analysis and detailed planning of the construction sites’ time progress. In this way, interference from other construction sites was resolved and the buildings were handed to the new tenets. In the same way, the technological and remote district heating were planned to be created in autonomous and functional levels. Our office drew up the projects, dealt with obtaining authorization, directed and coordinated works of all the buildings involved in the renewal, as well as for the general infrastructure.