Old Harbour

The Porto Vecchio of Trieste is the only European port constructed on the basis of a Town Plan or a uniform project. The Porto Vecchio project is for a part of the city, a grand piece of civil architecture that imposes itself with its ordered grace, its character, its structural clarity, the communication between its parts. Between 2005 and 2006 the Trieste Port Authority was provided with a Town Plan with the aim of assuring the reuse of the Porto Vecchio. The spirit of this project, winner among over 30 different international tenders for the concession of the Port tendered by the Port Authority in 2008, is to implement the port development of the Porto Vecchio according to the choices and the guidelines laid out in the Town Plan. The unity of the Porto Vecchio area as well as the Town Planning office of the port itself imposed the surveying both of all the factories and of the areas of which the concession was requested and of the buildings not included in the request. These analyses, beyond being necessary for knowledge of the characteristics and problems of each individual building has allowed a complete view regarding the balance between the parts that make up the state-owned port area. Based on these preliminary results, the infrastructure and urbanization plan was initiated (technological networks, trigeneration installation, remote heating network, environmental reclamation, drainage, traffic and road organization) of the whole complex, both with the plan for the reuse of the buildings and the planning of new ones.