Palazzo della Marineria


Special projects

The Palazzo Marineria, which is used as office space, is perhaps the largest in the whole Friuli Venezia Giulia region and was made by Fincantieri S.p.a. as its administrative and technical (designing) headquarters for its activities linked to cruise shipbuilding and other activities and also by Lloyd Triestino di Navigazione. The building was conceived and built with “innovative” installation systems (intelligent building with fiber optics etc.) All the planning stages and direction of work were cared for: from the rough plan to the definitive one, to the executive projects both building and installation (together with specialized companies, especially with Sirti Honeywell group regarding the ‘intelligent building’) taking care of all the details in the construction of the glass façade, running laboratory tests on samples of the main components, etc. The construction has an “H” plan, ground coverage equal to 5500 sq. m with underground garage of 10000 sq. m. It rises 8 stories above ground and provides workspace to about 1200 people with annexed director office space, restaurant - kitchen with a capacity 400 places, congress hall for 300 people and “historic navigation museum” of 1500 sq. m, as well as hall spaces, reception, stairs, lifts, building management and control rooms (intelligent building), etc.